Quality at 百家乐软件, a construction company and general contractor

It’s in the Details

Our approach to quality begins with our people—their attention to detail and ability to ensure quality goals are consistently met. Our in-house quality team works collaboratively with the owner, design teams and field teams, providing in-depth peer reviews and feedback, and ensuring timely corrections.

百家乐软件 has developed a corporate-wide Quality Control Program that focuses on our process of “Plan-Execute-Check-Improve.” This comprehensive program features early team planning, involvement in evaluating and identifying risks, developing a site-specific Quality Control Plan, communicating expectations to our subcontractor partners, auditing for accountability and improving through lessons learned.

Quality Assurance & Control Services

  • Risk Identification
  • Site-specific Quality Program
  • Peer Reviews
  • Pre-operational Meetings
  • Virtual & Physical Mock-ups
  • Pre-installation Reviews
  • Material Verification
  • Testing & Inspection Reports